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Niingxia Yinli Electric Co., LTD. founded in 1992, is located at No.45, Guangming Road, Yinchuan national Economic-Technological Development Zone, Ningxia, P.R. China, with registered capital of RMB 30 million Yuan.

Company is mainly engaged in research and development power electronic magnetic devices...

Products and Solutions
isolation transformer set at the input side of the bypass isolation transformer set at the input side of the rectifier isolation transformer set at output end of the inverter
Solution for Electric Energy Quality
Reactor for 1MW~2MW permanent magnet direct-drive converter Reactor for 1.5MW~2MW double-fed converter Transformers and reactors for 60KVA、100KVA、250KVA、630KVA, different capacity of photovoltaic inverter​
High-speed trains, subways, light rail transits, railway buses Supporting transformers and reactors for auxiliary power supply system Supporting transformers and reactors for chargers Supporting transformers a
Cooperate with generator for primary & secondary frequency regulation, implement monitor the load fluctuation, quick response to grid dispatch and increase the stability of power grid frequency. The storage system can
The three in one controller for electric vehicles is an integrated controller developed for pure electric / hybrid commercial vehicles. It is a DC/DC module that integrates the oil pump motor controller (steering), the
Product Overview: mainly used in offshore drilling platforms and vessels. It is an important electrical equipment for offshore platforms and large vessels. Widely used in isolation, lighting, ship propulsion, drilling
Product overview: Medium frequency transformers are widely used in aviation, aerospace ground power and military vehicle vehicle power supply. The winding of high-power transformer adopts high performance foil winding