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Development history

Ningxia Yinli electric co., LTD., was founded in 1992.

In 1996, Yinli successfully developed the "Shenzhou" series of spacecraft ground control power transformers and inductors for China Aerospace Science and Technology Group.

In 1999, Yinli successfully developed transformers and induction coils for all types of  rail transport , locomotives and vehicles.

In 2001, Yinli successfully developed supporting transformers and reactors for marine .

In 2004, Yinli successfully developed supporting products for Photovoltaic wind power grid-connected power project.

In 2008, Yinli set up a subsidiary -- Shenzhen Yinli Electric Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 2010, Yinli has been identified as a national high-tech enterprise.

In 2011, Yinli established the national local joint engineering laboratory.

In 2012, project of special magnetic device has been put into operation.

In 2015, Yinli listed three new board, stock code: 834654.