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Yinli established the industry's only "power, electronic and electromagnetic components " National local joint engineering laboratory.

Publisher:admin  2018/8/14 15:02:07


 In 2011, Yinli Electric was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to establish a national and local joint engineering laboratory for power electronic magnetic components. The company invested 34.96 million yuan to build a 6502.3㎡engineering experimental lab, 2MW/0.4kV electric energy feedback system, 1.5MW power distribution system, and a research and experimental platform that based on power electronic electromagnetic component as well as a simulation research platform.

Through researching of the experimental platform, Yinli focuses on the research of the core technologies of the medium and high frequency electromagnetic components industry and the experimental research of key technologies, improving the basic theoretical system of power electronic electromagnetic components design and the application level of common technology and key technology of electromagnetic components in many fields.

The experimental platform simulates the actual operating environment of many different power electronic devices, so that it can be verified without running in the supporting devices, shorten the development cycle, and reduce the experimental costs and risks.

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